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5 thoughts on “Viewers’ Views”

  1. Dear Mr Hall , I notice with interest that you purchased the RT from the age of 9 in 1974 . I personally started looking at my grandparents RT in 1976 for the films (principally silent films) when I was 10.Did you ever become involved in collecting real film on 8mm at at this time?

    • Apologies for my very late reply! No, I never became a collector, though my parents owned a Super 8 camera and projector and we had several three-minute films, including extracts from Walt Disney’s ‘Kidnapped’ and ‘Swiss Family Robinson’. I recall looking longingly at the catalogues and wishing I could own all the films, but that only became feasible once I acquired a VHS player!

      • Dear Mr Hall .Thank you for your reply. I personally became interested in film and projectors in the 1970s as a child.These days I collect 16mm features usually from the so called golden age of cinema although I am always looking to branch out


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